Hangzhou is the capital of the coastal province of Zhejiang in the east of China with a population of six million; it is considered to be the textile-centre of China.

Hangzhou is where everything comes together with short distances to our factories, a highly developed infrastructure and approximately 40 minutes by train to the mega polis Shanghai.

Hangzhou's modern and international airport makes traveling to and from Hangzhou a comfortable and convenient venture.
Hangzhou, China
Hong Kong

Our office in Hong Kong is responsible for the operational business in the Chinese provinces of Guangdong and Guangxi.

It is also responsible for our South East Asia production in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

With a population about seven million and an area of round 1085km², Hong Kong is the financial center of Asia.

Hong Kong, China
With its 13 million citizens, Istanbul is a very international city; not only because of its unique geography the city extends over two different continents.

The geographical short distance to our European customers, flexible lead times and a competitive range of products make Istanbul an important part of our organization.

From here we guide our factories in Egypt, Syria, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine.
Istanbul, Turkey

After the implementation of a democratic system in 2012, the textile production in Myanmar (Burma) became interesting for the European market. Many people in the textile business believe that Myanmar could be the future textile center.

Two main points are responsible for this statement:

1) Tax free import of garment to Europe.

2) Outstanding technical basement for garment Industries

Our Office in Yangon – the biggest city in Myanmar – is controlling the production of our factories in Myanmar.

Yangon, Myanmar