JNBY has become the most representative women's clothing brand in China today with the slogan it conveys of "Just Naturally Be Yourself".

Our brand perseveres to combine aesthetic elements like "Modern, Vitality, Charming, Serenity".

We convey the delight and novelty of culture to indepent, adeptly discovering, romantic and elegant young women between the ages of 25 and 40, helping them feel
the surprises and poetry in everyday life, which is also the secret to keeping our brand energetic and full of potential.


Don't be everybody's darling. #becheeky

In other words:

Stand up to your corners and edges, move against the stream in a sporty way.
With our clothes you can find the outfit which fits perfectly to your lifestyle.

Cheeki.ly Athletics is a brand which produces sportswear especially for women.


Description is coming soon.




Nowadays is a clothing brand which is specialized at what a modern man wears.

In our Online-Shop you can find products like: T-Shirts, Longsleeves, Sweatshirts, Knitwear, Pants and Jackets.